Why Should Your Business Outsource?

by Admin on April 4, 2013

OutsourceAs companies expand on tight budgets in an uncertain economy, outsourcing has become an increasingly popular means of managing certain business processes. In fact, roughly 44% of companies that outsource say their primary reason for outsourcing is to reduce or cut costs. For most companies, customer service is the top outsourced process as calls and e-mails can easily clutter busy schedules. Still, managing customer service is a tricky business.

Although outsourcing aims to open up employee time, it’s important a company’s customer service maintains a high level of quality, lest the business lose customers. A great outsourcing company can improve customer focus while staying within budgetary constraints. However, many companies outsource overseas, which can cause issues due to language barriers and insufficient training. Because of this type, many companies that move processes overseas suffer from poor customer service ratings or suffer due to poor quality of work.

In a 2011 survey of CFOs, 35% say they outsource to free internal resources, which accounts for roughly 2.2 million jobs in technical transcription services, sales, order taking, and other back office processes. The increasing amount of outsourcing by U.S. businesses is a reflection of an improving economy but continuing uncertainty and unwillingness to expand to larger offices or hire new personnel. Yet, more and more businesses are outsourcing to companies within the U.S. in order to maximize quality of service.

Call centers that provide human-to-human services catering to a company’s needs have proven to increase customer satisfaction. As automated call technology gains popularity, more customers complain about navigating confusing automated menus.

Finding an outsource company that can fill gaps in your company’s services requires careful research. Some call centers specialize in specific fields, like the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Other outsourcing companies focus on IT services.

Companies focused on providing customer service provide one of two services: inbound or outbound calls. Inbound call centers often manage customer service, technical support, order-taking and other services where customers call in if they have questions or problems they need answered. Signing up with an inbound call center can allow your company to give more focus to other parts of the business while improving customer focus.

An outbound call center is tied more to marketing, sales and finding leads. These types of call centers are equipped with the manpower and equipment to call potential customers for your business. They are used to drive up sales for your company or as a marketing tool to educate people about the products and services you provide.

To cater to as many types of businesses as possible, other call centers provide web chat services, e-mail response handling, social media management, e-learning and more. They sometimes also provide back office services like payroll, accounting and auditing.

These are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing. Outsourcing services have helped many businesses meet budget goals without sacrificing company growth. With the competency needed to succeed in business today, outsourcing is one of the many tools available for companies to survive the current economy.

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