What Makes a Company Logo Effective?

by Admin on April 15, 2013

What elements should your logo have to make it efficient enough to boost popularity and gain a good reputation? Does it need to be extravagant or will simplicity do the trick? What characteristics should you keep in mind when choosing the right logo for your company?

Here are some of the qualities as well as some examples of successful company logos that have been around for quite some time.


The International Business Machines Corporation or IBM logo is one of the oldest and most popular examples.  They have used the same text logo for over 60 years and the only major change that was made was the horizontal stripes that the company says symbolizes speed and dynamism.

  1. Consistency is one effective way to utilize familiarization of your company name and logo. Overhauling may sometimes be a good idea but if your company has garnered enough good reputation then such drastic changes may not be needed. Consistency, in the case of logos, refers to repetition of similar elements used in either the same or most likely similar ways that would change the image yet will keep a certain distinction that will help people remember that it is still the same company.

logoDriving around town you notice something on the corner of your eye. What do you think of when you see this logo?

Yes! It’s none other than one of the most well known fast food restaurants worldwide – McDonalds! The big M archway is so well known that even if you see it a mile away you would immediately think burgers, fries and nuggets. Even if you see it in a slightly different variation I bet you would still think it’s the same especially if you’re hungrily driving on the road.

  1. Memorability of your logo is one of the most important discerning factors that your logo should have. Remember that your logo is the forefront of your company’s image so having a unique and easy to remember logo is a must when choosing a logo. It has to bring to mind products and services which your company has to offer.


Picture yourself having a nice cozy time sipping a fine cup of espresso in your favorite coffee shop while reading your favorite book.  Then a person sits across your table and catches your eye because he not only resembles you but the two of you almost look identical. This whole event would most likely send chills down your spine. This example also applies to leading corporate organizations such as the image above namely; Bentley and Mini or Mini Cooper.

  1. Originality or uniqueness is what separates your company’s logo from the other logos in the crowd. If every company in your field uses the same symbol (for example publishing companies using the book icon or travel agencies using the globe icon in their logos) then use a different symbol, that way your logo would not look the same as theirs. That way the public would be able to tell your company apart from the others and would most likely be chosen because it stands out and gives off a different image.


Imagine yourself waking up in the middle of the night suddenly craving for something sweet.  Half asleep, you find yourself standing in front of the fridge, searching for leftover pudding to satisfy your sweet tooth. You find some pudding-looking stuff but it is placed inside a small bottle with the logo of Gerber on it. Do you think sweet, yummy pudding or do you push it on the side believing it must be all-natural, mashed baby food?

  1. Meaningfulness is a characteristic that describes your company’s services even without a proper explanation. The meaning of the logo itself can spread the message about the distinguishing features and services of your business. It certainly is an advantage if the public can easily understand what kind of services your company offers if the logo is meaningful enough.


When you’re in town driving or shopping you can’t help but see different types of advertisements from fashion, telecommunications or other services that are offered within the area. It’s just everywhere from magazines, paper bags, billboards, and brochures. Similarly, fashion company logos such as that of Ecko Unlimited come in various sizes depending on the purpose of the logo imprint but they ultimately claim ownership on the line of clothes that appear on racks, images and publications.

  1. Scalability of your logo is important especially since it will be printed not only on business cards but also as your company utilizes your company logo for various marketing schemes. The business name must be legible at various sizes so make sure that it’s not hard to read. Who knows? There may come a time where you decide to have a billboard advertisement of your company. It certainly is best if you prepare your logo to be able to adapt to certain changes.

With different traits mentioned above, you now have an idea on important points to consider for  your logo in order to improve positive response and possibly propel your company image’s popularity and sales potentials. Consider the kind of image your company needs and start concrete branding strategies from there. Having a professionally designed logo gives your business a jumpstart. It creates the necessary market awareness and paves for a bigger client and consumer base to sustain and increase your business exponentially.

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