Web Keys Can Unlock Tons Of New Business For Companies

by Admin on April 13, 2013

It goes without saying that the Internet has represented a dramatic paradigm shift in the way businesses conduct themselves in this day and age.  Most companies rise and fall by their websites and the key to increasing sales and market recognition can be found in increasing web traffic.  With that in mind, every business is looking for a new, innovative way to market their company and increase their share of their respective industry.  One of the newest ways and most original ways to do this is with a Web Key.  These nifty little tools not only make great promotional products, but they are also practical means for increasing website hits.

  • What is a Web Key?  A Web Key is a device fashioned much the same way as a USB flash drive (also called a thumb drive).  The Web Key has a plastic tab on one end with the metal portion on the other which can be plugged into the USB port of any computer.  The Web Key is pre-loaded with the web page for the company to take the user directly to the company’s website.
  • What can go on the plastic tab?  One of the great additions to this product is the fact that the plastic tab can be personalized to include a corporate logo or other graphic.  This way, not only can the Web Key help promote your business by showcasing your website, it can also get your company’s logo out to the public for product recognition.  This dual sided method of promoting your company truly has unlimited marketing potential.
  • Does the Web Key have to go just to a web site?  No.  It can be designed specifically to take the user to anything you wish to present to them, be it a website, on-line survey, catalog, or presentation.
  • What are the advantages of a Web Key? Web Keys have multiple advantages:
    • They can take a user directly to a company’s website without having to type in the URL address.  This is an advantage as mistyping can lead customers away from your product.  In addition, Web Keys can be specifically programmed to access a certain product that your company wants to feature or highlight.  This page on your website may sometimes be on a web-page whose address would be cumbersome for a user to type.  This direct link is much more user-friendly as it will take the customer directly to where you want them to go.
    • The fact that the Web Key utilizes USB technology will give the product a high-tech appearance, bringing you and your company into the 21st century as you compete for this tech savvy market.  Also, since many computer users already own and regularly use flash drives, the technology is well known to them and they will have no trouble utilizing this product.
    • Since Web Keys use only a small amount of memory (a fraction of the 8gb and more which traditional flash drives use), they are relatively inexpensive to produce, making them perfect for promotional giveaways or even mass mailings to potential customers.
    • With the growing expanse of e-commerce and website driven sales, these Web Keys could completely eliminate the need for a printed catalog, saving your company thousands of dollars in expenditures.
    • It is also possible to place your corporate logo directly on the Web Key as a means of advertising your company in an added manner.
  • Besides your web site, what else can be placed on a Web Key?  A Web Key can also include, among other things, online slide presentations or flash presentations, which are invaluable in corporate training settings as the presentation can simply be handed out or mailed to your employees.  It can also be given out following presentations to direct those present to a survey on the material presented for market research purposes.

Web Keys are a new, innovative way to get your company’s website and, by extension, product out to the masses.  The uses of these Web Keys can be custom-tooled to fit your company’s individual needs as can the plastic tabs affixed to them can be custom-made to make them promote your individual company better.  With Web Keys, the only limit is the imagination you put into their use and marketing.

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