Web Conferencing A Sales Meeting- Deliver The Unexpected

by Admin on April 10, 2013

I recently attended one of the best web conferences ever. It was a company meeting promoting the launch a new product with the required presence of the worldwide sales staff. Having experience in public speaking, I know how difficult it is to make a new product really interesting when your reps are in front of you. If there is anything that sales reps dread, it’s the launch of a new product. It requires a new approach to their sales pitch in order to work information about an untested item.


Since it was a company event, the main office had sent packages to each division that were placed on a table in front of the reps as the web meeting began. Distracted by the pile of sealed bags and boxes, most of them didn’t hear the speaker introduce himself – nor did they care. Their entire attention was locked onto the objects on the table. Admittedly, so was mine.

Some were boxes in plain brown paper. Others were sealed gift bags decorated in bright colors swirling in a nondescript pattern. Others were in solid colored velvet pouches. The moment that the speaker mentioned “the packages in front of you”, everyone was all ears.

Don’t Touch!

The speaker instructed everyone that the packages were not to be opened until directed. Salespeople are very nosey people. Keeping things out of their sight provokes their interest. Telling inquisitive people not to touch parcels staring them in the face until you tell them to, keeps their attention sharp.

In front of him, was an item that partially obstructed from the view of the camera.I realized that I was leaning forward trying to peek over the screen to see what that was. It was shiny and black. As I glanced around, others were trying to see the hidden object as well.

Delivering the Unexpected

We all knew that whatever the containers on the table held, they had something to do with the new product that the company was launching. We waited impatiently for the cue to open the packages to be met with a sliver of disappointment.

“Open the velvet bags”.  A room filled with adults lunged for a bag in eager anticipation. It was awful!  It smelled like garbage. Everyone looked at each other and back to the screen. “This is what a bad sales presentation smells like. I have assembled all of our sales reps to remind you that no matter how good a product is, it stinks if you don’t show off its best features.”

Each of the packets contained a sensory experience for the sales staffs. The speaker had taken the web conference to a new level of interaction and used the devices to emphasize a sales point. True, this could have occurred in any meeting room but that he connected to the staff without being in the room was much more impressive.

Finally, there was only one box left on the table. This is it – the product!  Up to this point, the host had not so much as whispered what the product was or how it worked or any of the normal details. According to the schedule, there were only 3 minutes left to the meeting.  The speaker glanced at his watch – the shiny black object just out of view.

“Meeting’s over. Open the box.” With that, the screen went dark. The senior sales rep in our room opened the long blue box. The note inside said: We decided to re-launch our most valuable product, our sales staff.

Dynamic Presentations

This host did everything right.  He reminded the staff of the value of a good sales presentation to the overall well-being of the company and loyalty from the customer. He started strong with physical items and ended strong with opening the final box. The dynamics were the presentation not the product. When you are looking to host an impactful and professional web conference like this, it’s not only important to check out web conferencing reviews to make sure you’re using the best web conferencing tool, but remember to also keep your audience engaged.

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