Ways To Really Enhance Your Corporate Social Responsibility

by Admin on April 17, 2013


Corporate Social Responsibility, otherwise known as CSR has fast become a bit of a buzzword within numerous industries. Gone are the days when large factories could bellow out black smoke without a peep from the local community (and rightly so). These days, businesses large and small must do all they can keep emissions to a minimum and more than this, they should ideally give something back to the community they work within. Giving a donation to a homeless shelter at Christmas is all well and good, but to really enhance your CSR, a business needs a long term strategy, the right team of people and a finger in the community pie!

Step One:  The Community

In order to really understand how you can add value to the wider community you need to talk to the people who are the voice of it. Attending local meetings will go a long way in showing that your brand is willing to go the extra mile and will certainly help you to understand possible issues that your business could help out with. For instance there may be a green space within a school in need of tidying up to make for a safe educational space for children; your team may be able to get involved in something like this. Not only are these kinds of activities great for CSR, they also make fo good team building days away from the hustle and bustle of the office.

Step Two: The Team

No matter what the size of your business, you need to make sure that every member of the team understands exactly what CSR is as well as why it’s important. Once this has been established, it’s a good idea to hold a meeting to discuss ways to improve the company CSR. This could be started off by an audit to assess your company’s green credentials; knowing these figures can often throw up some less than environmentally friendly stats and coming up with ways to reduce this and even contribute positively to the world around us.

Step Three: Implement a Strategy

Once you have come up with a series of ways in which you can improve your CSR, it’s time to create a strategy to ensure that these positive thoughts become an on-going reality. Appointing a person within the team to take responsibility for making sure that monthly tasks, audits and reports for CSR purposes are being carried out will go a long way in keeping the momentum going.

There are plenty of ways to improve your CSR as a business, so get stated by finding out what your local community could benefit from, making sure your team understands and is able to rise to the challenge and implementing a solid strategy for month by month CSR based projects/actions.

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