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by Admin on April 9, 2013


There are many goods in the market that are not accessible to people in other countries. One item might be abundant in one market but for some, it can be a prized commodity. If you are looking to grow your business, you might want to consider expanding internationally. There are a few things you must learn though before going international.

Check out your analytics

If you have Google Analytics installed in your website, you will be able to monitor traffic. You will know which countries have the highest number of visitors in your site. You can then target those countries.

Study the trend

Next, which products in your website are these visitors most drawn to? Find a way to get those products into your customers’ hands.

Some countries are also partial to their native tongue so you might want to build a website in the local language to catch their attention. It is important that your customers understand everything you say in your website especially when it comes to paying and shipping.


Tell your customers that you want to give them what they want. You can post an announcement on the front of your website saying that you now ship to their country. Be sure to have a page that discusses shipping and payment options.

Join the band

Start off by using the services of eBay or Amazon. These guys have already established their name in the market. They know what they are doing. Don’t give yourself a headache by doing everything yourself. These companies already have the tools to help you get started right away. They can also help you with payment options. Remember that credit cards are not popular in some countries so different payment options are needed to close a sale. These companies can also help you with your shipping needs. Amazon offers a fulfilment service where they store your goods, pack them and ship them to the customer.

Going bigger

If Amazon or eBay get too small for your business, you should then study the export/import laws of the countries that you are doing business with. You need to know customs details, guidelines and limitations. Each country has its own customs rules so it might be a good idea to hire someone who has full knowledge of that.

If you are going to establish a branch there, be sure to familiarize yourself with the local customs and traditions so as not to offend anybody. A lot of major brands have overlooked this point and caused major embarrassment for themselves.

You should also be concerned about theft and fraud as your items can get lost or stolen while in transit. Perfecting your supply chain is a must before deciding to go bigger. 

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