Utilizing Innovation to Ensure a Successful Launch

by Admin on July 17, 2013

Entrepreneurship can be wonderful, but it’s certainly not easy! This is especially true when you’re launching a brand new business or a releasing a new product or service. There are many steps that you need to take to ensure success, from identifying the right target audience and branding your business or product in a way that will resonate with them, to developing a launch strategy that’s effective. If you’re an entrepreneur with an innovative new idea for a company or product, there are a number of things to consider in order to ensure its success.

Why innovation is important in your launch
Launches are fraught with a number of different challenges – from understanding your audience to developing your product to managing logistics. One the hardest aspects is standing out from the crowd. Innovation, or taking a different perspective an approach to your messaging and product development, helps ensure that you’re creating an impression that’ll stand out.

Balancing collaboration with challenge
A critical component of a successful launch is the behind the scenes team. It’s always a good idea to assemble a team that is cohesive and collaborative so that they work well together. But you also want to bring together a group that is going to challenge each other with unique points of view. You want your term to work well together in order to ensure productivity, but keep in mind that working well together doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing on every strategy. Sometimes you’ve got to push the envelope a bit in order to spur innovation.

Team dynamics
Think about the dynamics of how your employees work together. Are certain employees consistently coming up with creative strategies? Are some of your employees more productive when they are paired up for a particular project? Relationship dynamics are important to consider when you’re assembling a team to develop a launch strategy. Spend time thinking about how certain people in your business work together, and use that data to inform your decision about team building. Find teams that strike the balance between camaraderie and the ability to focus on solving a problem.

Work with an outside firm
Sometimes despite our best efforts, we aren’t as effective as we could be. This happens for a number of reasons. Perhaps something is off-kilter with the team dynamics. Or maybe as ideas have evolved, your project is experiencing the dreaded scope creep where you’re suddenly trying to do way too much instead of truly focusing your efforts. If you’re having trouble keeping your team on the same page or the project is losing focus, there are a number of companies out there that can provide support for business owners launching new companies or products and services.

Sometimes it helps to bring in an outside firm to work with your team in order to get things back on track. Innovation-focused specialists, like Chicago’s Cloverleaf, bring a fresh perspective to the table to spur innovation, and they help businesses maintain their focus. These firms offer a variety of services to meet your businesses’ needs, ranging from advanced observation techniques to formulating a vision. So whether you’re struggling with your pre-launch market research, complicated team dynamics, branding strategy for a new product, or bringing an innovative new idea to fruition, they can ensure you get on track towards success. Occasionally all it takes is a little outside perspective to help get the ball rolling again.

About the author: Elizabeth Alton is a freelance business and technology writer. She covers trends related to small business, entrepreneurs, and the evolving digital landscape. Her work has been published by The Huffington Post, USA Today, The Daily Muse, Better Homes and Gardens, and frequently writes for Cloverleaf Innovation’s website. Connect with Elizabeth on Google+.

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