The Bare Minimum Basics Of SEO

by Admin on April 10, 2013


SEO—there it is, those three letters that lead you to believe you’re missing something. The whole world seems to be in on the SEO secret or wanting an in. While it can be a complicated process to grow a website’s traffic through SEO, it can be accomplished. Whether you go at it alone, or opt to work with an SEO company, it can be valuable to learn the ins and outs, particularly if you have an e-commerce or marketing site, or write your own blog.

There are some technicalities to SEO, but the basics are fairly straightforward.

What Is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization. It’s all about how much traffic your website or blog generates. While some people may visit a site or blog because they’ve seen it linked on another site, the biggest portion of site visitors likely come from search engines. For example, if your site is optimized for the keyword “Pet Supplies,” you’re going to show up as one of the first sites on the search engine result pages. Instead of ranking on the seventeenth page of a Google search, if you’re utilizing SEO properly, you may show up on the first or second page of the search when someone types in the keyword “pet supplies.” The ultimate goal with SEO is to show up as high as possible in the search engine results, because you’re more likely to have high traffic levels if you’re one of the first sites a person conducting a search sees.

The Evolving World of SEO

Search engines, especially recently, are known for constantly changing their algorithms, meaning changing SEO standards. An algorithm is the complex code that determines how a particular site ranks in a search engine. At one point in the brief history of SEO, it had been best for sites to just create as much repetitive content as possible, to show up higher in a search engine, but algorithms have changed, so that quality content is required to earn a coveted ranking. A search engine company is a great tool to keep up with the changing SEO standards, because it can be difficult to know the small changes in algorithms that take place on a regular basis. Even the smallest change in an algorithm can mean big differences in your site’s SEO.

Creating SEO-Friendly Content

As mentioned, in the world of SEO, as it stands today, quality is key. It’s important to produce fresh, relevant content, and content should never be published from other sites, because you can be penalized in a search engine for duplicate content. Low-quality content is not only detrimental for SEO purposes, but it’s also not likely to engage site visitors or create new customers or clients.

Search engines utilize bots which scan websites to decide which keywords a particular site should rank for in a search engine. When working on the SEO of a webpage, there are a few basic areas that are important to focus on, including keywords, titles, links, quality content and fresh, new content that is updated frequently. Links are a pivotal part of SEO because if other sites link their page to your site, it will appear to search engines that your content is good enough that other websites and blogs are taking notice, which will lead to higher search engine rankings. A professional SEO company is a great way for beginners to develop content that is going to rank well, because there is a science to balancing quality and keyword optimization on any site.

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