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by Admin on April 10, 2013


Social networking is changing the way businesses and consumers interact these days, but that’s not always a positive thing. The way your business conducts itself through those social media accounts is often a direct reflection on the business itself, and ignoring the etiquette protocols here could have disastrous consequences for your company both on and offline.  Here are just a few rules you may want to follow.

  • Choose a Screen Name That’s You: The last thing you need is for your company to be known as SuperLoser, so as you begin to complete your profiles and start choosing screen names, make certain you select things that represent you and your company as professionally as possible.
  • Don’t be Inappropriate: What you may say or do on your own Twitter or Facebook account is one thing, but when you’re logging in with the company’s account, you’re going to have serious issues if you use vulgar language, inappropriate humor, or content that someone else could find offensive. If you wouldn’t say it in front of your customers, it’s best not to post it online either.
  • Don’t Push Your Products: It’s fine to log in and occasionally let customers know about a new product line or a new sale, but the last thing you want to do is be that guy at the party who is trying to sell stuff while everyone else simply wants to have fun. Just as you don’t want to be greeted by an over-enthusiastic sales person the moment you walk through the door of a store, your followers don’t constantly want to be bombarded with sales language from you through social media.
  • No Venting: This isn’t your personal account, so keep any problems you have to yourself. Your potential customers don’t want to hear your soapbox about customers who write checks instead of paying cash. Most people don’t want to hear about that jerk in traffic this morning either. Keep it as professional as possible at all times.
  • Don’t Fight: If a customer disagrees with your post or Tweet, the last thing you want to do is start virtually yelling at them. They may be completely wrong, but take the higher ground in any disagreement you may have. If you decide to engage in the petty argument, you’re going to look very foolish to any potential customers that might be watching.
  • Spell Check Is Your Friend: Would you send out a postcard advertising a sale to your customers without running spell check first? Don’t bother posting a Tweet or Facebook update without doing the same thing. Your best bet is to compose everything in a word processing document first so you can double check the grammar and spelling before you send anything out.
  • Drunk Postings Aren’t Funny: If you’re taking care of the social media account for your company, you may want to stay offline if you’re drunk or even overly tired. You’re certain to do things you’ll regret while you’re online in that state.

Social media is an important part of your company’s marketing strategy these days, but keep in mind that what you wouldn’t do offline, you shouldn’t do while you’re online either.

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