Small Ways To Save Money On Postage

by Admin on April 13, 2013

Whether you’re managing a corporate business or sending letters home, the recent rise in postage costs is impacting everyone.  Back in 1960, the cost of a stamp was 4 cents. Now, only 50 something years later, that price is more than 11 times greater at 46 cents.

While at an individual level, fewer than 50 cents for a stamp doesn’t sound like too much, it adds up quickly. A book of 10 stamps is closer to $5, and a book of 100 stamps creeps past $45. Considering the amount of bills the average person has each month, paired with correspondence, sending mail is becoming pricey.

Here are some ideas to save every cent you can:

Postage Meter

Paying for postage by a meter is a cheaper route to go. Instead of paying for stamps, you’re paying the exact cost it takes to ship whatever you’re sending. If you only want to send grandma a picture of the kids at soccer practice, or a letter home from college to mom, there is no reason to pay the same price as sending something heavier. Choosing a postage meter could mean as much as 20% in savings on postage.

Pay Bills Online

Most companies and services offer the options to pay your bills online. This saves on postage, and also takes the guessing out of when they’ll receive your payment. If the company doesn’t offer the option, most banks can help you. Wells Fargo offers an option to manage all of your bills in one tab in their online services called Bill Pay. This will organize and manage all of your finances each month and automate paying. Not only will you not have to pay for stamps, you won’t have to worry about staying on time, either.

Online Statements

If you run a business, chances are you pay a lot of money to have statements sent to your office. For those who do not own a business, choosing a paperless option can save you money on car insurance, credit card bills, and so on. Companies offer a discount in exchange for viewing all documents online, which may seem small at first, but the long-term impact can be huge. By choosing an electronic document management system rather than receiving mail, costs for receiving these documents gets cut substantially.

Send Postcards

Postcards only cost 33 cents, a great discount compared to 46 cents to send a letter. If you’re just saying hi to a loved one, postcards are fun to receive and will save you a bit of money. There are also plenty of online options to make your own postcard, which personalizes the sentiment. If you want to send a family photo to friends who haven’t seen you in a while, a personalized postcard is a great, and much cheaper way, to send it over.

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