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by Admin on April 13, 2013

CBTResearch has shown that stress and poor mental health accounts for over half of all working days lost every year. Keeping this in mind it seems strange that companies don’t take more interest in their employees’ mental health.

With more people than ever taking time off work or even quitting their jobs because of stress in the workplace, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy seems to be the solution.

CBT has proved to not only be highly successful in the therapy room, but also in business coaching.

What does CBT do?

Put simply, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy retrains your brain and helps you alter the way you think about life. The therapy can help you tackle difficult situations and thoughts differently, and have a more positive attitude towards your circumstances.

Here is a brief run-down of how CBT can help individuals:

  • CBT challenges debilitating beliefs
  • The therapy enhances your motivation, self-worth and problem solving abilities
  • CBT is goal orientated, making it ideal for the workplace
  • Therapy promotes behaviors that form helpful new habits
  • The treatment is designed to meet all client needs, regardless of intellect or academic achievement
  • Above all, CBT teaches clients to coach themselves

How would CBT help my business?

CBT encourages you to talk about how you think about yourself, the world and other people. The therapy also encourages you to talk about how what you do affects your thoughts and feelings.

By focusing on the problems you face in the present, rather than dwelling on the past, you will learn practical ways to improve your state of mind on a daily basis.

All of this benefits businesses in the following ways:

  • Coaching delivers a good return on investment (ROI)
  • You will maximize your human resource potential
  • CBT enables your staff to take on new challenges without self-limiting thinking
  • Coaching has been shown to decrease absenteeism
  • Ultimately, happy employees equal bigger profits!

Would I benefit from training myself?

People find CBT training beneficial for many reasons. Some would like to help people and having the training enables them to follow a new career path. Others are already therapists and merely want to enhance their skills and offer a wider range of services to their clients.

You may also find CBT training helpful if you are in a mentoring role within your organization. The training will not only teach you to coach yourself, but also give you the skills and confidence to coach other people as an extension of your supportive role within the company.

Training with a company such as the Institute of CBT Coaching will provide you with accreditation and a qualification to be proud of. You will learn to apply your techniques in the therapy room as well as the board room. If you’re genuinely interested in helping yourself, and your employees then CBT training could be a valuable addition to your skills and business practices.

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