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by Admin on April 12, 2013


With the fragile economy surrounding us and an ever increasing array of products available, every advantage can mean the difference between a successful product or business and failure. No matter how small the edge is, every detail is a key factor to be considered and improved at all times. Product based campaigns are all about catching the eye of the target audience or targeted consumer and drawing them in. Hopefully the product itself will be enough to convince them to buy it but if not, the way that you present that product can make a world of difference.

A product stuffed in a plain box will not have any appeal to a consumer. Custom packaging is an important marketing tool that can boost any product sales figure. It needs to be connected to the look and feel of the product, matching the style of the product the consumer will purchase. The packaging should also reflect the company as a whole and sometimes these two factors can conflict, making the design very difficult to visualise and create. There are dedicated services that can help with not only the packaging but the design process before creating the packaging. These services run a business and will charge but the end result can far outweigh the cost if the right business and design is chosen. They can be as inclusive or isolated in their approach as required.

The Tailored Approach

Any product that can be packaged will be, to protect it during transport and before sale. This packaging needs to be durable enough to survive and keep the product in perfect shape for the consumer. The key to any packaging is to highlight the key aspects of the product. Sometimes it will show a picture of the product or here will be a window to see the actual product. There are a variety of services that can provide packaging but to really connect to the target audience, you want a style that reflects the product, your organisation and the consumer.

Finding a custom packaging solution doesn’t have to be the most difficult task in launching or re-launching the product campaign. Some organisations will offer packaging options but you may need to provide the designs yourself while other organisations can also provide designs to a brief you provide. A service like this will prevent you from spending extra time and money communicating between various parties and keep everything in one place. These services will keep you as involved in the design and production process as you want or are able to be. By building a strong relationship with these services, they will have a feel for how you operate and you will need to spend less time on the briefs you send to them.

Evaluating the Cost

Outsourcing any service will almost always have a cost to take into account. This will help produce the price of the product as well as delivery costs, profit margins and other key factors. By using one business with an integrated service, you can reduce the cost of designing and producing the custom packaging for your product.

Any cost cutting solutions is a benefit to any business and if it can increase the profit margins to ensure sustainability then it is worth the cost. Long term partnerships with an organisation can help reduce costs even more and ordering large amounts will also help cut the costs if you have the supply of products to use the entire order and the demand to keep selling. There are many options out there but finding an organisation that shares the values of your own organisation will help in forming long term relationships that will be of benefit to both parties.

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Sam Mulder is a blogger who understands the importance of custom packaging services in a campaign and how an integrated service can save time and money. By using customised packaging you can make your product line appeal more to ensure that potential customers will buy your stock.

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