Overseas Shipping; The Things You Need To Know

by Admin on April 12, 2013


Shipping products overseas can be rather complicated, this is because the process you need to go through to get your goods abroad is rather complex. Local shipments are far more straight forward, so you should not base overseas shipping on this.

Do not rush into the whole process; instead spend a good amount of time completing research into the whole process to ensure you know what you need to do.

Custom Regulations

When transporting goods overseas, they will have to pass through custom regulations. This will apply to whatever shipping method you choose, whether it is by sea or air. Custom regulations will stop things being brought into the country that is restricted or banned and will also ensure that all charges have been correctly paid on the goods to allow them into a country legally.

Different types of paperwork will have to be filled out for your goods to enter through customs, this will usually be two different forms (these forms will allow your goods to leave the current country and enter a new one).

It is highly likely that you will incur a fee from customs; however it is very difficult to state what this fee will be as it is dependent upon the value of the products being shipped and the destination it is being shipped to. You should check custom fee rates where necessary before shipping your products so you can be certain of how much you have to pay out.


Different overseas countries will require you to handle your packaging of your products according to their state rules, this can make packaging products difficult. If you are unsure about what you have to do, you may want to consider hiring a shipment company that handles the packaging side as well.

If you are managing your own packaging, you should make sure all your products are packaged securely and labelled clearly.


The risk of damages during shipment is significantly high, meaning it is pretty much essential to take out shipment insurance to protect yourself and your goods for damages and accidents. You may think paying this fee is rather unnecessary; however you need to ask yourself the question whether you will be able to afford to replace any damaged items.

Restricted Items

You should bare in mind that some countries will have restrictions in place, limiting you to what can be brought into the country. If you are shipping items into a number of different countries, you should make yourself aware of the different restrictions that are in place.

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