Look After Your Business Premises And They Will Love You Back

by Admin on April 11, 2013

4805637038_be2988ab40It is vital that we look after our business premises for a number of reasons. First of all, if your customers visit or pass by them then they are likely to be more impressed if you work from a clean and well looked after building. This will give them more confidence in dealing with you and so you should ensure that your premises are graffiti free and are well-maintained.

The look of your building may also have a distinct impact upon staff members in your organisation. Everyone likes to work somewhere that looks great; therefore if they turn up every day to a dirty building which is not well-maintained then their levels of motivation could sink. So how will you make sure that your premises are looked after so that they can look after you and your future business growth?

Give the Walls a Fresh Lick of Paint

The benefits of repainting problem areas are well-known which is why it always surprises me to see how many businesses leave their offices looking shabby for a long time. It doesn’t cost much to do this and the long term impact can be extremely positive. A freshly painted building is more likely to attract customers to do business with you and one which has areas that have fallen into disrepair. If you keep the walls of your building looking smart and clean then this will send out a great message to people. This also reflects well on the image of your business as a whole.

Add a Modern Touch

These days we can’t afford to overlook the importance of having a touch of modernity on show. We all want to be leading firms in our sectors but this isn’t always going to be shown to the passing public. One way of doing this is by installing modern, striking and well-designed sign on the side of your premises. If you have had the same sign for a long time, the chances are that you probably don’t even notice it anymore. If this is the case then pay attention to it the next time that you enter the building and consider whether it gives out the right impression. It is a relatively minor change to make but it could give your premises a much better look in no time.

Clean the Graffiti

One of my pet hates is graffiti on the wall of an office where I am going to do business and it is likely that most people feel the same way. Obviously, graffiti on your premises is rarely intentional and is usually a massive inconvenience to you and your company. However, it is still an issue that you must tackle. One of the reasons why a lot of firms don’t clean this up is that they think that it will be painted over again right away. This might happen but if you get in a commercial specialist graffiti removal company then they will make sure that the walls are left with a clear coating which minimises the effect of future graffiti on them.

Add More Windows

This idea is likely to be the most difficult and costly of all of the ones that we have looked at. However, there are some tremendous benefits to adding some extra windows to your firm’s premises. Dark and dingy places are nasty to work in and they also give out a terrible impression to the customers who visit you. By adding in some windows in strategic parts of the building you can transform your office into a bright and airy space which is a pleasure to work in and visit. This may cost you a considerable amount of money but it is something which will certainly improve the mood and productivity of your workers, whilst also impressing those who visit your premises.

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Bill Jobs is a writer who believes that all business owners should look after their premises to ensure that it reflects the image of your overall business. He recommends hiring a company like the Easter commerical specialist graffiti removal company to inject some life back into your building.

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