KISS And You Won’t Miss Marketing Opportunities

by Admin on April 23, 2013

2462457722_02d338a86eHow many marketing opportunities do you think you miss each year? You probably don’t know because you’ve missed them, after all. So think about this, how many times have you seen a slick marketing campaign and thought, “I wish I’d done that”?

Many people think you have to be outrageously creative to spot and take advantage of hidden marketing opportunities. Granted, a little creativity helps, but in their search for the creative, people often overlook the opportunities that are right in front of them. The ones that are so blindingly obvious that when you do see them, you have to smack yourself on the head and say, “Doh!”

What’s obvious, you ask?

First let’s ask this: what is very big in marketing right now? What can people not get enough of?

Videos, right? Everyone likes a good video.

It’s important to remember that a good video doesn’t have to be hilarious and it doesn’t need high production values. All it needs to do is add something to viewers’ lives. One particularly successful type of video is the ‘How To’.

Instructional videos are easy enough to make. All you really need is someone comfortable explaining steps on a camera and someone good enough behind the camera so that the steps look crystal clear.

Any business can make an instructional video. For example, a haberdashery could make instructional videos on how to replace zips or hem bootleg trousers. It could even have videos on how to steam clean curtains or iron peplum.

An accounting firm could make tongue-in-cheek videos about how to keep office morale high (those accountants are known for their sophisticated humour and office high jinks). Or, they could make a seriously informative video about how to file a tax return – but in a fun way, of course.

These videos can be displayed on your website and on your YouTube account; and you can punt them on all your social media profiles.

Other than video, what’s obvious?

Laura Bennett (Bennett About Marketing) says that many service providers are missing out on golden marketing opportunities when they send out SMS or text message reminders. These days, everyone sends appointment reminders, which is very handy if you tend to forget about appointments for root canal.

These reminders are perfect to up-sell products or services or let customers know about one-day promotions or to even give one particular customer one particular special deal based on her previous experiences. So, if Jean regularly visits the same beauty salon, her next reminder for a manicure could include a 25% discount on a pedicure – for that day only.

It’s the ultimate in personalised marketing.

KISS and you’ll never have to make up

Keep It Simple Stupid should be your motto. Let other businesses work their tails off coming up with fantastically expensive, bouncing off the walls creative campaigns – which may be hit and miss. If you invest your time in simple but effective marketing solutions that resonate with your audience and meet their needs at a basic level, then you’re already ahead of the game.

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Sandy Cosser writes for a South African-based brand display specialist, which creates exhibition displays stands for a variety of purposes, including background for your How To video.

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