Kickstarter And Creative Projects Supported By It

by Admin on April 10, 2013

shutterstock_116351236The Old and the New

Kickstarter is both a new and old way to fund creative projects. It is a place where technology, design, art, music, games and films are funded. People who browse Kickstarter are the people who fund such projects. Since Kickstarter incepted in 2009, over $551 million have been funded by over 3.7 million people. Over 38,000 creative projects have been funded on Kickstarter. Thousands more are being actively funded presently.

Funding Creativity

The creative people behind each project are fully responsible for their projects. Kickstarter is a resource and platform. It isn’t directly involved in project development. If the project meets Kickstarter’s guidelines, anyone can launch it on Kickstarter.

Synergy between Creators and Backers

Projects happen through a synergy between creators and backers. Creators set a deadline along with a funding goal. If a project is liked, people can then fund it. Only if a project reaches its funding goal will it receive any money. It is all or nothing. 44% of projects have reached their goal which is pretty impressive.

Ownership of Works

The work is owned 100% by creators. Backers don’t support projects to benefit financially. Creators often offer non-tangible rewards to backers. This could be a copy of a completed film, an invitation to a premiere or even a private screening of a film.

Twain, Whitman, Beethoven and Mozart have supported their projects in this manner – it’s a long tradition weaving its way down the centuries. Both larger and smaller patrons (subscribers) have supported projects in this way. Subscribers may receive a special edition or early copy of the work in exchange.

Backing projects amounts to more than just financial funding. Kickstarter accepts 5% of the amount of funded projects. Let’s take a look at some projects funded by Kickstarter in 2012.

Fubar 2

This book is a zombie anthology. 135 backers supported it pledging over $6000 so far. The book hit the New York Times bestseller list. Jeff Mc Comsey is the editor in chief of this zombie anthology. Fubar 2 consist of 20 stories of zombie kamikaze’s. Volume 1 and 2 are stand alone pieces of fiction.


Film and video has been a dominant category over the years. In 2012, of the $450 million pledged, $100 million was for films. 19 Kickstarter projects that amounted to 10% of all projects were played at Sundance and there were 4 winners from Kickstarter. Some of the films premiered were Detropia, Room 237, Indie Game – The Movie, Kid Thing, I Am Not A Hipster, Black Rock, The Thing, ABACUS and Henley.

Incident in New Baghdad

There is no bigger honor for a filmmaker than winning an Oscar. Close on the heels of this award is being nominated for an Oscar. Incident in New Baghdad has been nominated for an Oscar. This film had 84 backers pledging over $11,000 for it. The film is about a US army veterans experiences in Baghdad and how they changed his life.

Double Fine Adventure

This adventure game has received close to three and a half million dollars in backing. The backers are rewarded with DF adventure backer T-Shirts. The game is being developed for Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Linux. Text will be localized in four European languages.

Air Quality Egg

927 backers pledged almost a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for this one. This is a community led project. It senses air quality so that conversations about air quality are encouraged. Anyone can collect high quality data about pollution in the air using this machine.

From the above you can see that some really creative and useful projects have been brought to life by Kickstarter. Experience Kickstarter in 4G within the clear coverage area – the area covered by Clear for 4G connections.

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