Is a Phone Answering Service a Good Return on Investment?

by Admin on April 12, 2013


A phone answering service can solve many, if not all, of the problems and limitations you can experience with an onsite receptionist. An answering service won’t need to take a sick day, won’t take vacations, and won’t miss calls while on a lunch break or because of other inconveniences. And it goes beyond solving your current problems by offering benefits to your company that transfer into better quality service for your customers. An answering service is there for your business – and by extension, your customers – 24/7, 365 days of the year. It allows your company to increase its customer support without incurring high costs, which means that you’ll see a great return on investment.

One area for which customer support is experiencing more demand is bilingual services. Answering services can provide English/Spanish speaking operators. Non-English speaking patrons will appreciate that your company has taken measures to accommodate their needs.No longer constrained by language barriers, your company is less likely to lose customers because of inadequate communication abilities.

Some other services that a phone answering service can provide include:

Specialized operators or receptionists: If you run a medical or dental office, an answering service can provide trained operators or receptionists to receive patients’ calls.

Legal or professional services:You may have clients who need your professional or legal guidance. With an answering service, you can set criteria based on the types of situations you’d like to handle yourself. Clients who meet these criteria can be connected to you so that you can personally see to their needs or concerns.

Dispatch services: Emergencies can happen at any time. An answering service can help make sure that you don’t miss customers’ calls by dispatching incoming calls to your on-call employees.

Additionally, telephone answering services can provide after hours services to your customers and clients. This way, your business can always be there for your clients when they have important and immediate problems. These calls can also be screened to weed out customers with problems or concerns that you would like to personally address. An answer service can also help you with fax, web hosting and email.

Basically, an answering service will yield a great return on investment for three main reasons: it will reduce problems associated with an onsite receptionist, allow you to process a larger amount of calls, and allow you to provide more services to your clients all for a low price.

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