How To Get The Best Out Of Your Workforce

by Admin on April 12, 2013


The 3 Pronged Attack

The buzzword of this industry is productivity. So how do you get the best out of your workforce? Generally an employee is set the goal of finding new clients, clinching the deal and securing customer satisfaction. Is this really the best way to go?

We all know that everyone has different strengths:

  • Hunter has the instinct for the chase, it knows when to stalk it quarry and when to attack.
  • Farmer has the patience and the methodical  character to reap the rewards of a harvest.
  • Collector knows the best places to forage, and how to get the maximum yield.

But seldom do you find one person with all these skills. If you do, that’s great, but if not it might be worth considering breaking up the sales process into 3 sections.

Having three individuals involved for one sale may sound unrealistic, but what it allows is your workforce to hone specific skills in order to play to their strengths which in turn strengthens the sale.

What you end up with is a tight, expert team, rather than a jack of all trades.


These are the Sales Development team, or ‘Gatherers’ dealing with inbound and outbound sources to collect momentum for the product and generate leads. Qualifiers glean opportunities and eliminate dead end leads, which significantly narrows the field for the next stage of the process.


These are the guys who generate the sales. The ‘Hunters’ are the type of salesman that make fodder for film and TV, and so are the branch of sellers most people think of. Specialised in one to one pitches, the Closers give you more in the way of opportunities and have a natural way with people. They bring the sale to a close, leaving customer care in the hands of:


This is the aftercare section, often overlooked in favour of the first two jobs, but exceptionally important. Farmers are responsible for keeping customer relations healthy, and so insuring the client remains satisfied and therefore loyal to the company /business, creating renewal opportunities later on. They work systematically to get the most out of existing clients.

So there we have it. Separating these key elements of a customer facing team is proven to increase the amount of leads, improve on sales reps productivity and drive growth. For a more in depth analysis you can click here.

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