How To Gain New Business Opportunities By Expanding Your Target Audience

by Admin on April 13, 2013

targetAlthough the traditional business fair is invaluable as a way of informing the public and business sectors about your business, if you are hoping to reach a wider client base, they may not be the most effective marketing tool. Here are a few suggestions on how your business can reach a greater audience.

Target a Younger Audience

Universities and colleges often hold employment fairs where local and corporate businesses are offered the chance to market their products and look for future employees. These can be invaluable in gaining a fresh perspective on your business ventures, and scouting for potential new talent to join your team. Make sure your business is memorable by actively involving yourself in conversations with the students and asking for their opinions on the future of your brand.

A simple suggestion could really change the image and appeal of your business and widen your client base. Engaging one on one with young people and potential clients like this can lead to invaluable spread of word of mouth, not only between the student body, but peers and family members who may also be interested in utilizing your products or getting involved with your company.

Target Your Community

By getting involved in your community as a company you can receive valuable feedback on your brand image from the people who matter the most: your consumers. Consider sponsoring a community event and setting up a stand. This would be a great opportunity to ask members of the community to fill in surveys for feedback on your products, and reward them by offering them free promotional items for participation.

Community developments projects are also a great idea to get involved with to promote a positive image of your business. By working with charities to make improvements within the community your business will not only help others but will also gain respect and recognition throughout the community, which could have far reaching consequences for future business associations.

Target Commuters

Setting up a stand at a train station may seem a step-back from the well organized business fairs companies usually frequent, but stepping out of your comfort zone could yield some rewarding results.

By placing a stand in a station where commuters can clearly see your product brand, you will be gaining valuable recognition from potential business clients and their employees. Handing out promotion goods with your company logo and information on them is also a great way of peaking interest in your company, whilst leaving commuters with a favorable impression. Unique promotional goods would work well in this situation, and are worth spending a little extra on due to the extensive marketing your brand will get on a busy commuter train. Products such as company branded umbrellas would be a great way to cheer up a rainy morning commute. Or you could offer commuters branded thermal mugs of coffee to perk up their days.

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