How To Find Contractors In NYC

by Admin on April 12, 2013


These days, many people are hiring contractors to work on their homes or businesses, instead of just moving to a bigger or newer place when they want to have different amenities or a bigger space. Or perhaps they want to build a place on their own.

Whether you need business or residential contractors in NYC, you may be concerned that you will have to pay too much, or even worse, get ripped off. After all, virtually everybody has heard horror stories about some unscrupulous contractors committing shenanigans. Then there are contractors who may be honest, but they aren’t exactly the quickest at their jobs – or the best at it. You could have to put up with them working in your home or business for months on projects that should have taken weeks or even just days.

Fortunately, there are plenty of good contractors out there, especially in New York City. You just have to find them. How do you do so, though? Here are some tips:

Ask friends and acquaintances

People you know may have had good experiences with contractors, and can recommend them for you. However, it is important that the contractor would be doing similar work for you. A contractor might have done a great job with a bathroom, but they might not do as good with a bigger job such as renovating an apartment building.

Check with people who work for city or local authorities

Those in New York City who work for things like housing inspection, building authorities, or public works may know who does good work – and who have had issues. You can also check to see whether the contractor is licensed, and whether they have been sued.

Look to see the contractor’s recent and not-so-recent work

You may want to get references for a contractor, but take such things with a grain of salt – after all, the contractor is not going to give you references of people who are unhappy with his or her work. You will want to see some of the jobs the contractor has done. But don’t just see the most recent ones; ask to see some of the work a contractor has done from a few years ago, to see how everything has held up.

Get bids, but don’t necessarily go with the cheapest

You want to have the best quality work, done by a reputable contractor. Price is important, of course, but don’t get so focused on the lowest bid that you end up with a contractor who cuts corners and does a crummy job – or worse, runs off with your money. Go with the best contractor, and not just the cheapest.

Check online for more information

You can check both free sites like Yelp and paid sites like Angie’s List to find out what others have said about contractors. Of course, such resources are not foolproof, but they can help you get started. Click here for more information on how to find contractors in NYC.

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