How To Create Buzz For Your New Product Launch

by Admin on February 22, 2013

new-product-buzzThe best way to get attention for a new product launch is to create buzz! This will get people excited about your new product and increase the reach of your marketing campaign. The very best companies start creating buzz for a new product several weeks in advance. The more buzz you have, the bigger the launch!

Now, this is going to work for completely newly developed product lines and existing product lines. If you are already established in the market, you can start with your current customers. Otherwise, these tactics will also work for the up and coming business start up.

Major Press Release

Yes, you will want to do a press release at the time of your product launch. However, letting the public know that your newest product is on the way can be just as effective! If you can generate curiosity and interest in your release, it will be published many times over. This will give your launch a tremendous boost!

YouTube Videos

Another great way to create buzz for a new product launch is through video. A truly interesting video series that shows your new product in action is good. But, an unbelievable, eye-catching video on your product doing something totally awesome can set fire to millions of views! Your one time investment in a well developed marketing videos can pay off many times over when launch day comes.

Social Media Promotion

Similar to YouTube videos, using social network for business promotion can be extremely effective. I’m not talking about advertising on Facebook or Twitter. Instead, you can network with authorities and leaders in your industry (if you are not one already), encouraging them to share your story! If it’s worth sharing, they will certainly do so – for free!

The key to creating successful buzz around your new product launch is having a story worth sharing. If your ¬†product is something that will help people, then all you need is a good story that people can relate to. Once people are interested, the story should be strong enough to make them want to share it with friends and family – that’s called creating buzz!

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