How HR Outsourcing with TriNet Places Focus Back on the Biotech Research

by Admin on April 17, 2013


Biotech Companies Need Incredible People; Those People Need Benefits

From bioengineering human organs to mapping the progression of diseases, many discoveries in the biotech industry often seem like they stem from science fiction. In order to reach such innovations and discoveries, biotech companies must attract and retain some of the most intelligent and educated people in the world. While creating a company dedicated to brain imaging might be complex, few realize that establishing the HR infrastructure required to build a great organization can be a daunting task in itself. In order to be able to focus on their mission-critical research, many biotech companies turn to TriNet.

TriNet offers a unique and comprehensive HR solution for small to medium-sized businesses. It allows entrepreneurs and their teams to focus on driving and growing their businesses, instead of spending precious time and resources on workforce administration and containing HR employer-related risks.

Companies can reclaim valuable resources by choosing a partner like TriNet in the following ways:

  • Attracting and retaining top talent: Emerging biotech and life sciences companies need to deliver the same enterprise-level benefits to their employees as their established competitors. If you want to hold on to future award winning scientists making sure they have the benefits and support they needs is vital.
  • Focus on core competency: Whether founded by scientists with incredible knowledge of their chosen research domain, or by executives who understand market access and commercialization, biotech companies need to focus on achieving their productivity goals. Building a sustainable and functioning HR infrastructure to keep pace with such goals is a distraction at least – a disaster at worst.
  • Manage HR risk and compliance: At a time when liability risks due to non-compliance have increased significantly and when venture funding has become more expensive and difficult to obtain, companies need to control their costs and minimize their HR risks. Even the smallest mistake can cause ripple effects and have serious consequences.
  • Scalability: Firms gain an instantly scalable HR infrastructure to help them keep pace with HR requirements when they experience a period of accelerated growth, which can often happen when new discoveries are made. This allows a company to stay flexible and competitive.
  • Cloud-based HR Management System: All of TriNet’s services are supported by a cloud-based technology platform. Unlike other HR providers, TriNet’s sophisticated workflow capabilities completely eliminate all paperwork and manual effort. In addition, employees and managers can even access core functions on the go via TriNet’s Mobile App.

The innovations that biotech companies have developed and are developing enrich all our lives. With an HR partner like TriNet, perhaps they can drive more breakthroughs, more discoveries, and more incredible results.

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