How Do Chief Marketing Officers Do What They Do?

by Admin on April 11, 2013

8027868135_24c40274c4The chances are that at some point or another you have come across the words “chief marketing officer”. The words may have been something which was mentioned by a friend or family member, or you may have come across the term when reading the news or a book. Regardless of how you came across the term you may have wondered what exactly does a chief marketing officer(CMO) do? And how exactly do they do it?

If any of these things have ever entered your thoughts or you are just interested in learning how CMO’s manage everything they do then you have come to the right place. This article will outline some of the tasks CMO’s are responsible for and provide you with a little insight into how they stay on top of all these different responsibilities.

What Do They Do?

Chief marketing officers are the people that are responsible for all the marketing activities that go on within a company or organization. As you could probably guess, this means they are responsible for a multitude of different tasks. What follows is a list of the what are generally regarded as the most important tasks CMO’s have to manage. It should be noted that the majority of these tasks are carried out by other members of the company, but CMO’s are the people who have the final say on most matters.

Sales Management

Sales management in itself encompasses a wide range of different tasks. Some examples include sales planning, which includes identifying the target market, figuring out the best time to launch a new product or service and noticing fluctuations in their specific market. Another example is sales reporting, which generally involves analyzing reports put together by other departments of a company and using the information to make changes to improve overall sales. CMO’s also have to manage lead generation, sales negotiations and the closure of deals.

Marketing Communications

Marketing communications, simply put, is the promotion of a product or service. CMO’s are responsible for making sure that all marketing communications for a company are integrated, which means checking that all promotion gives of the exact same meaning to the customers. This is deemed extremely important as giving off different messages about a product or service is known to harm sales as people end up confused and are less likely to buy the said product as a result. Marketing communications also involves organizing all advertisements across all media platforms such as TV, radio, magazines and the internet. These are just a few examples, as marketing communications is a specialized and highly technical field consisting of numerous different aspects.

Customer Service

Ensuring fantastic customer service is a top priority for most companies. This is because it helps maintain a healthy relationship with customers and creates a wonderful image for the company. CMO’s are responsible for ensuring great customer service is maintained. This includes making sure customers are happy with the product or service and that any queries or complaints are dealt with in a professional and efficient manner.

Customer service does not and should not end after a sale has been made. One of the most important parts of a CMO’s job is making sure that everyone is happy (notably a very difficult task) and this includes checking up on past customers. CMO’s aren’t normally directly involved in customer service but keep their eye on it and make sure that everything is in check.

How Do They Do All Of These Things?

It is amazing just how many things CMO’s are responsible for managing. You are probably wondering “how do they manage all of this?”. The answer is that they are highly trained specialists. Most CMO’s will have a related degree and years of experience in this field. They will constantly be attending meetings and talks to further their knowledge and carry on getting better at what they do. But CMO’s also have a secret…

A large percentage of CMO’s use some kind of business intelligence software to help organize their lives. These systems allow CMO’s to stay on top of all their tasks. They provide a single workspace where all the vital information they need is displayed. This prevents mass confusion and stops certain responsibilities becoming neglected and disappearing off the radar. By using this type of software a CMO’s job is made a lot easier and more manageable.

Now you are informed on what tasks a CMO has to manage and how they cope with being in charge of so many different responsibilities. They do receive help from other members of the organization they work for, more specifically from departmental managers, and business intelligence software does aid them a great deal. Nonetheless a CMO’s job is highly stressful and is an extremely specialist field.

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