Four Innovative Hiring Practices Being Adopted By The Fastest Growing Companies

by Admin on April 23, 2013

8272206292_19053fee0eThere’s no doubt about it—today’s work environment is quite a bit different than in past decades. From flexible schedules and the option to work remotely, to on-site gyms and recreation facilities, more companies are recognizing that a traditional workplace doesn’t always mean a successful workplace.

In fact, more and more employers are realizing that innovation within the sphere of human resources is a great way to create happier, more dedicated and more productive employees. No longer are human resource departments simply placing ads on Craigslist and conducting standard, stuffy interviews. Many employers have realized that the best employees aren’t always the people that look great on paper or interview well. While traditional tools like recruiting software still come in handy throughout the process of screening candidates, utilizing fresh, innovative hiring practices has allowed companies to find employees that offer creativity, dedication and unique skills.

1. Using social media as a way to find potential new employees. Social media has become a staple of everyday life for many of us, and it’s also becoming a valuable tool in marketing. Not only does it allow for marketing of products and services but also marketing of one’s self. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow employers to post jobs, and it offers potential employees the chance to not only find great job opportunities but also to connect on a more direct basis with companies and their representatives in charge of hiring. Social media is a great way to unite employers and employees quickly and efficiently, and it is changing the way the hiring process is conducted. Rather than sifting through hundreds of cookie cutter resumes, hiring managers are taking to social media sites to find stand-out employee prospects. Sites like LinkedIn allow prospective employees the opportunity to apply through the social network, thus notifying the hiring manager when new applicants submit their resumes.

2. Group interviews are becoming commonplace in many companies. A group interview allows employers the chance to gain unique insight that they might not otherwise find in a traditional one-one-one interview. It allows human resource officials to see how potential employees interact with one another in social situations to gauge their communication skills. Often resumes include the phrase “great communication skills,” but a group interview puts that claim to the test. It also provides a view of how interested candidates are, and how they will fit into the particular culture of a company. Group interviews can include not only interpersonal interactions but activities that demonstrate interest and knowledge relevant to a particular position. If companies require employees to go out and network at events or similar settings, it is a great way to gauge whether or not potential applicants will be cut out for the job.

3. Cash incentives. A really non-traditional way to measure a potential employee’s level of dedication is by offering monetary incentives for the person to refuse a position. Online shoe retailer is one company that reportedly uses this unconventional hiring technique. Although it may seem ridiculous to give a candidate money to not take a job, it’s actually a good way to save money in the long run. If a potential employee is willing to turn down an offered job for money, they’re not likely to stay on as a long-term employee, and the company’s investment in that person will be wasted.

4. Finding candidates in a variety of settings. For many recruiters and human resources representatives, it’s becoming wise to look for new talent in unlikely locations. For example, if an employer has a financial services position open, it may seem strange to seek out a particularly industrious server from a restaurant as a potential candidate, but employers often realize that many skills can be taught, while a great work ethic and attitude can’t be learned. Quicken Loans is one such company that has reportedly utilized these methods to find great employee talent.

Regardless of which unconventional hiring practice an employer uses to seek out future employees, each company will know which method will work best. If the current way a company is hiring brings in the same types of stale people, it may be a smart idea to look into uncommon ways to find new recruits in order for your company to succeed.

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