Employee Appreciation: How To Show Your Staff You Care

by Admin on April 9, 2013

employeesWith the state of the economy today, businesses are working hard to compete for every dollar.  One way they are competing is in the way they treat their employees.  Gone are the days where negotiations revolved purely around salary.  Now employers have to consider perks such as health insurance, stock options, and what unique service they can offer.   The more a company looks in the eyes of its employees, the better it will look to the public.  Happy workers are more productive, after all.

The Basics

These days, certain expectations are held by people looking for a job.  A company needs to be able to offer some form of a health insurance package in order to be taken seriously.  For white-collar jobs, it doesn’t stop there.  There need to be financial incentives beyond salary.  A 401K and stock options are usual for many contracts.  This is so that you can invest not only in the present, but also in your future.

Google’s Model

Google is the ultimate employer in terms of employee satisfaction.  Their employees come to work to be greeted with free breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.  The philosophy of the company is that by providing meals for their staff, they are better prepared to focus their energy on work.  It also helps bring their staff together, as the on-site food allows them to socialize, rather than scatter to various restaurants during their lunch break.

The company also provides life insurance to cover families in the unfortunate event of employee demise.  Google also pays out a type of death-pension, in the case that a staff’s spouse or domestic partner will be paid half of the staff’s salary every year for a decade.  Furthermore, if the employee has children, then the children will receive additional money each month to help with expenses.

Make it Personal

However, most companies do not own as much as Google, seeing as Google is one of the biggest companies in America today. Therefore,  most employers need to get creative with their budgets in order to provide for staff perks.  One way to do this is to boost sales through better client communications.  A simple and cost-effective way to do this is to send clients business holiday e-cards.  E-cards are a cost-efficient, small way to show clients that your company appreciates their service.  E-cards help put your business at the forefront of your clients’ minds during hectic holiday seasons.  Ultimately, this will create a stronger bond with the customer, and, as your budget expands, you will be able to provide more perks to your staff.

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