Efficiently Build Your Business By Outsourcing Interview Transcriptions

by Admin on April 11, 2013

3472771038_b2b1885a58_nOne powerful way to build a consultancy or product creation business online is to create information products and then offer this to existing clients or newsletter subscribers. Interviewing an expert in your field or niche is a popular way of rapidly developing a high-quality information product.

However, an excellent information product developer will include a text supplement to the audio or video, as this makes it much easier for people to follow along should they miss a few words during the interview or would simply like a written record of the essential ideas.

Besides marketers creating information products, interview transcriptions are also often used by authors, journalists, and professionals wanting to communicate expert information to their respective audience.

While conducting an interview is a lively and stimulating process and taping it is very simple, transcribing the interview itself can often be a time-intensive endeavour. Additionally, the work can often be laborious, even boring and tedious, requiring a lot of rewinds to record the spoken words correctly.

One way of handling interview transcripts is to simply hire it out to an agency that takes care of transcribing the audio file.

How a Transcription Service Can Help You

An agency that will transcribe your interview audio for you can help you in the following ways:

1. They will generally be able to work with any audio file, working with any type of file and size of file including files from a Blackberry or iPhone.
2. If the file is too big to be sent by email, they will suggest alternative ways that you can send the file. One popular choice, for instance, is Dropbox which is free to use.
3. They will accept all kinds of interviews, including those related to legal, medical, research, or some other highly specialised genre.
4. They can work with your company regardless of how many or how varied your interviews happen to be.
5. They don’t require a retainer fee or any extraneous fees, but simply work on an as needed basis. In fact, they are far cheaper than hiring someone to help you transcribe interviews.

7 Good Reasons to Outsource Your Interview Transcription

Outsourcing offers numerous advantages. Here are five of them:

1. It is cost-effective.
2. It saves time.
3. It reduces the cost of an employee, which includes payroll, taxation, and holiday pay.
4. It frees you up to focus on profit generating aspects of your business.
5. It fills in the gap if the work is usually done by a staff member who has gone on leave or suddenly quit the company.
6. It provides rapid service.
7. It provides high-quality transcripts, with professional proofed copy.

Hiring an external transcriptionist maybe something you need after all. Not only will it help you with your business but it will also make your life a lot easier.

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