Developing Your Online Jewelry Business

by Admin on April 7, 2013

jewlery-businessIt’s no secret that the internet has opened wide the doors of possibility for beginner jewelers. If you are talented enough, you can potentially reach millions of potential customers. With that in mind, many young jewelers storm the internet with high hopes, but many of them find the task much more difficult than they expected it to be. Sometimes, jewelry designers that are extremely talented find it almost impossible to sell their stuff online while others with the most simple and unoriginal designs sell items by the dozens.

In order to make a living out of jewelry making, you need to be able to combine your creative instincts with correct marketing efforts. It’s important, not only to come up with some great designs, but also to know where and when to market them.

Starting your Online Business

Some young designers rush into opening their own websites and are often disappointed by poor results and a lack of exposure. Remember that having a website does not mean that people will actually be able to see your designs when they browse the web. Jewelry is a very competitive field and there are hundreds, if not thousands of website that sell every type of jewelry you can think off. Getting a new website to be noticed in search engine results is an almost impossible task without professional help and professional help is very expensive.

Therefore, it’s probably better to start your own shop within already established online sales services, such as EBay. This will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of the trade, including correct customer service practices and will also allow you to use services like Pay Pal to collect funds.

Start with Simple Designs

Personally, I recommend that you start by offering beautiful and simple designs in your website store. You will find that people prefer to buy expensive, sophisticated pieces from established names. If you put up all your avant garde groundbreaking pieces for sale, you will probably end up with zero sales. There will be time enough for that when you establish your reputation and start to make a living as a jeweler.

Last, but not least, customer service should be perfect. Whatever happens, you need to make sure that each and every one of your online customers is happy, even if it means losing money on some of your first sales. Happy customers can create the viral buzz that you will definitely need to establish your online reputation and success.

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Doron Heifetz is an expert designer, jeweler and the owner of the BPJ Name Necklaces website.

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