Delivery Options; Your Freight Choices Explained

by Admin on April 12, 2013


If you are considering expanding your current business, you may need to think about what freight options you have. The term freight services basically mean the different carrier choices you have to transport your goods from one point to another.

Whether you buying raw materials that you need delivered to your place of work or you want to deliver some manufactured goods that you have produced to a supplier, it is essential you choose the right freight carrier suited to your needs.

You have four real options of freight carriers, these are;

Road Freight Services

Whether road freight is right for your business or not, you should understand that it is a fundamental part of the functionality of global business. On average 90% of freight is moved by road at some point or another, making it the most popular freight service.

In recent years, there has been a growing demand to meet consumer’s needs, meaning there has been a significant rise in freight services, this particularly impacts road freight.

Road freight does have to adapt the way it works in the next coming years; this is to meet the demands of government laws that state freight services must be more sustainable.

Rail Freight Services

Rail freight services are an alternative to using road freight. Most businesses that rely heavily on transporting good around the country will use both methods; this is because they will be able to move a bigger load of goods in a shorter space of time.

Some businesses will choose to only use rail services, this is because not only are they seen to be more economically friendly, but the rail option will also be less effected by delays, meaning services will not be disrupted.

Rail freight trains will usually work at night; this is one the rail network is no longer used by the public. This reduces the chances of any delays.

Sea Freight Services

Whether you need to import raw materials into your business or you are working as a global business exporting products all over the world, it is likely you will be part of the sea freight services at some point.

People and businesses are encouraged to use sea freight services; this is because it gives the global trade business a huge boost.

It is possible to use sea freight services all over the way, in the UK alone there are currently 120 active ports being used on a regular basis.

Air Freight Services

If you need to get goods from one side of the country to another in a short amount of time, then you will be best off using air freight services. Over the past few years, air freight services have been significantly improved, meaning many different types of products can be transported on these lines.

Products that can be transported include medical equipment, food, machinery, vehicles and even livestock, meaning pretty much anything can now be transported using air services.

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