CRM Telephony; The Benefits Behind One Of The Best Modern Day Innovations

by Admin on April 2, 2013

CRMHands down, CRM telephony is arguably one of the best innovations of the modern day and is highly utilised by many companies such as call centres. The main benefits behind this technology are; 100% customer satisfaction, lower call costs and shorter call durations. If you are thinking of incorporating this technology into your business, then here are the important points about the software.


CRM, also known as Customer Relationship Management, is a type of technology that allows you to manage your company’s customer support systems. It enables automation, organisation and synchronisation of customer service, as well as sales and marketing and technical support.

Telephony, on the other hand, enables you to communicate with your employees through voice – wherever they might be – with the use of the internet.

CRM telephony, as the name suggests, is the fusion of two technologies. With this program, you are able to automatically connect call distribution to the program or application. Employees can then integrate telephony right after with programs such as Net Suite or Sales Force.


CRM technology features the following specifications (among many others):

  • Call Control. Screen popping and click-to-call – both which can significantly improve productivity.
  • Ability to log call activities. So you can check the team’s performance with regards to inbound and outbound calls, as well as response efficiency.


There are many known advantages to using CRM software including:

  • Improved customer satisfaction. When customers are disgruntled with a product or service they have purchased, their first instinct is to call the hotline in order to talk to a sales rep or manager. With CRM telephony, your customer is sure to be satisfied, as this technology results in first call resolution. In addition to this CRM technology enable customers to not have to be kept waiting in order to be put through to the right person, meaning that customers tend to be more satisfied and loyal to the company.
  • Shorter calls and lower costs. Longer calls equates to more expensive bills as you need to pay for the telephone costs, call centre agent minutes, to name just a few. With CRM software, you can significantly shorten the call duration, leading to lesser operational expenses and more company savings.
  • Easy to use. Some call centre agents leave their posts because of the difficult technologies they need to operate. This will not be the case with CRM telephony as this program is very easy to use. You also get to improve agent productivity because you do not have to lose them over tutorial programs that take a huge chunk off their workdays. Should you hire new agents, you do not have to waste time over the training process because it only takes a few days for them to master CRM technology.
  • Easy to install. CRM software programs are easily downloadable; you do not have to purchase a new server in order to improve your services with this technology.

If you want to provide excellent services to your customers, then you should consider this technology for your business. With its numerous benefits, CRM telephony can help improve customer satisfaction rates at a cheaper price.

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