Communication And Its Importance In Business

by Admin on April 10, 2013

Communication is a very important tool in all aspects of our lives. It is the way we are able to convey ideas and feelings from the time we are very young. When looking at this skill in the world of business, its importance heightens that much more. This is because for a business to be considered successful its members needs to be able to communicate. Internally, the employees and upper management need to communicate effectively on topics such as new projects and company policies. Externally, a business communicates through its marketing strategies. The only way the world will know a company exists is if it markets itself successfully.

Internal Communications

Communication within a company is vital for its success. It is behind closed doors where many companies first lay out their plans for success in the future.  Employees need to be effectively communicated with in order to keep the business a smooth running operation. Some tips on how to achieve this goal are:

  • Employee knowledge. Now this category can actually be split into separate areas. First, is universal knowledge that every employee needs to know. For example, the company policy on being on time for work. It is important for continuous productivity that everyone knows when they are expected to be on duty.  The other type of employee knowledge is more of a need to know basis. If the company needs projects done that cannot be widely broadcast, there may be information that only select employees are privileged to.
  • Input. You want to make sure that every member of the company has the opportunity to voice concerns and make suggestions going forward. Restricting the ability to voice their input may cause employees to feel unwanted. If this goes on long enough it may cause that person or group of people to want to leave the company.
  • Trust. This one is another two way street. Managers need to be able to trust the employees that are under them. At the same time the employees under said manager need to be able to trust that he or she will stand up for them with their best interest in mind, if the situation is warranted.

External Communications

External communication is key in the business world.  This is where public relations and marketing come into play.  It can be challenging but when done effectively can lead to success of the company and everyone in it.

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