Bilingual Candidates Hired First for Call Center Jobs

by Admin on April 12, 2013

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While most jobs in the United States very obviously require their applicants to be fluent in English, those who speak two languages are in even bigger demand. Bilingual job seekers looking for work in a variety of fields are reaping the benefits of being proficient in two separate tongues as our nation continues to become a cultural melting pot.

In a report recently produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the increase of employment opportunities for those able to speak two languages has grown by as much as 22 percent in the past decade. The most hirable language continues to be Spanish.

While interpreters and translators in the medical industry continue to be the most popular job for bilingual language speakers, call centers are also increasing their interest in such candidates. In a world where many are still coming to the United States for both medical treatment and to become permanent residents, bilingual individuals are needed to maintain convenience services like computer support, remote advice nursing and more.

If you happen to be fluent in Spanish – or in Mandarin, the second most popular language choice of employers – then you’re in luck. A 2011 survey conducted by the University of Phoenix Research Institute stated that around 70% of employers interviewed said that proficiency in Spanish was in high demand. 42% said the same about Chinese. However, despite these numbers, few in the current workforce are pursuing language training, opening the door further to those who are already fluent.

A call center job is especially appropriate for a bilingual candidate, as being able to flip that switch between English and a foreign language is important to many companies. It is rare nowadays to call a major business without hearing an option for Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese or French. Even if only one alternate language is offered, it is always there. A bilingual candidate can conquer the challenge of interacting remotely with those unfamiliar with English, while those workers who can only speak English may grow frustrated and compromise the company’s high customer service standards.

If you are interested in a call center job, consider showing your language skills prior to even being interviewed. Submit your resume in two languages, or offer an alternative language on your personal voicemail. Showing rather than telling is always best in any interview – the same is very true when it comes to displaying language proficiency.

Perhaps the best part of a call center job is its availability anywhere. Many companies serve clientele all over the US and Canada. Wherever you live and whatever hours you’re available, a bilingual call center representative is a job that always has an opening.

Learning a foreign language is one of the best ways to get a jump on future job opportunities. While Spanish remains the most popular, many experts predict China to be the next dominating dialect after English. The choice is yours – and either way, job opportunities will almost certainly increase in your favor.

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