Best Ways To Hire Staff In 2013

by Admin on April 10, 2013


In these times that are defined by increasing competition and a desire to enhance productivity, hiring the best staff for your business can be a powerful tool to drive revenue and to drastically improve overall customer satisfaction. Indeed, the tried and true methods such as posting ads at employment centres or purchasing space in a local newspaper still have their advantages and they do indeed reach a considerable amount of applicants. Nonetheless, there a number of efficient and innovative ways to find potentially ideal employees quickly and easily. Let us have a look at a few of the best methods.


Nothing is more powerful than word-of-mouth. Referrals can add a more personal touch to an employment opportunity and can actually save the company time and money as opposed to posting a static advertisement to the public. This process is a bit more discriminatory and if existing staff are leveraged for any of their personal contacts, the candidate will develop a much better idea of the position that he or she may be applying for. Thus, less time can be spent on the interview process and the retention rate of those hired will tend to be much higher.

Social Networking

The power of these multifaceted platforms cannot be understated. Social networking sites have the ability to reach countless individuals in various regions, and can do so at no additional cost to the company. These sites are easy to update and maintain and can greatly aid in addressing any applicants’ needs or questions before a formal interview is scheduled. Furthermore, the exposure that these sites provide offers a business a much wider selection of candidates than regionally-limited newspaper advertisements or flyers.

Specialist Consultants in Your Niche

Otherwise known as professional recruiters or headhunters, these recruitment agencies offer some very obvious advantages. As opposed to a general recruitment agency, these organisations have a discreet knowledge of your industry sector. Therefore, they will appreciate any specific requirements your company may have. They will actively engage with the company’s own human resources department to gauge the recruitment process and many even help with the onboarding of new inductees.

Universities and Colleges

Many recruitment agencies turn to colleges and universities to snatch up prime candidates. The best young minds in this world are currently studying or soon to graduate from these accredited institutions. This younger generation is highly motivated, eager to become part of an active workforce and perhaps most importantly, they represent a “blank slate”. In other words, they will more easily adopt business techniques without having the stigma of having been at another company that may have approached the industry in a different manner.

Company Website

This standalone tool is another powerful addition to any recruitment campaign. The website can offer insight into the company’s mission, its goals and illustrates any important milestones that may have already been achieved. The site can link directly back to other social networking pages and many company homepages contain digital application forms. The benefit with these forms is that those who apply will most likely have already pre-quaified themselves. This can help cut down on the time spent weeding through physical resumes, and communication between the applicant and the employer is much more efficient.

These five tips represent some of the most innovative and effective ways to hire the right person for the right job. As mentioned earlier, the more traditional methods of recruitment should always have a place in a hiring campaign, but all of these newer methods can give a company a distinct advantage in the overall process. After all, a company is only as successful as the staff that it employs.

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