Bags Of Use – How Promotional Bags Can Help Your Business Grow

by Admin on April 11, 2013

2187537792_62d8c07a10When it comes to promotional bags, the standard plastic carrier bag is not always what businesses are looking for. Purchasing a bag that is not only more reusable, but also stylish normally means the bag will be used for longer therefore a better investment for the owner and longer advertisement for the product, company or brand. Water resistant, paper, pvc and canvas/cotton bags are all showing up on the market now. My focus here is on the canvas/cotton bag which is becoming a popular choice because of this and provides the owner with a long lasting bag that can be personalised with logos, slogans and images advertising your business whilst still looking bang on trend. Next time you’re out on the high street have a look for yourself at how many people are happily advertising companies and brands in the form of the humble canvas bag!

Styles And Choice

There are several choices when it comes to the type of canvas bags you can purchase.

Conference Style

The conference style canvas bag has the advantage of a lid to protect documents and other items you might need to carry. The opening flap is also large enough for personalisation, so there is plenty of room for an image or logo. Ideal as part of your employees’ uniform if they have one, or if not, as a handy freebie for them to use and saving them purchasing their own.

Heavy Duty

You then have the more heavy duty style bags with a flat base ideal for carrying more substantial shopping, picnics and often gym and swimming kits. These are normally available from all major supermarkets and used for more than the intended food shop but also the beach or just about anywhere. Again, there is a larger surface for any brand, product or logo to fit on the side.

Canvas Bag

Then there is more traditional canvas bag similar to what you will see on the high street commonly on the shoulders of the savvy around the country. So as well as providing a handy lightweight carrier that looks good, is better for the environment and making the wearer look eco-aware and on trend it is advertising your choice of brand, product and logo for a far longer duration than any plastic carrier bag. This style of bag also has the advantage of being slightly cheaper without looking cheap, so unless you want to look like that popular comedy guy from the telly most of us are going to go for that option!

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