A Good Working Environment Saves You Money

by Admin on April 13, 2013

With the average employee switching jobs every two years, and the total cost of recruitment and training being estimated to equal six months’ worth of salary, it’s in the interests of organizations to do all they can to create positive working environments (myob.com.au).

Such things can play a significant role when it comes time for employees to accept or reject new job offers. When employees choose you over other companies, you save time and resources that might otherwise have been spent trying to find replacements.

Aside from the repercussions of disgruntled employees, and the seriousness of harassment charges, it’s just good business practice to create good business environments. It results in reduced costs and increased profits. In an efficient business environment employees have a clear idea what they’re supposed to be doing; there is also good communication between employees, their supervisors and their fellow workers.

The thing that many businesses find most difficult to promote amongst their employees is enthusiasm for their work. To do so is like finding the Holy Grail for employees and employers alike; after all, what could promote productivity better than staff that actually enjoys their jobs? Of course, the problem is that not all jobs are likely to inspire enthusiasm.

Improving business environments through business enterprise software

Business enterprise software naturally contributes to efficient business environments by contributing to the efficiency of business operations. By streamlining accounting processes, integrating useful technologies, like cloud services and social media, establishing communication channels throughout the workplace, and providing data storage and analysis functions, software creates good work environments simply by reducing the workload and the stress that comes with it.

Some organizations prefer to go even further than that. MYOB for example, leading provider of enterprise software to the Australian and New Zealand business markets, has taken measures to help customers improve the energy of working environments through the “Love Your Work” initiative.

MYOB’s “Love Your Work” Initiative

The “Love Your Work” initiative includes:

  • Reel Purple Festival: An annual film festival in which MYOB staff are tasked with making short films on various topics, with prizes being awarded to the winning entries.

“The Client is Always Right” was the topic for the 2011 festival, in which at least 150 MYOB staff from Australia, New Zealand, Kuala Lumpur and Hyderabad took part.

Contestants were also challenged to include a list of specific items in their film, though how they did so was up to them. A piece of fruit, a goal and something referred to only as a “purple people eater” are a few examples of items on the list. O of the entries apparently chose to have a purple Tyrannosaurus Rex filling the role of the latter.

  • Business Grants: In 2010, MYOB awarded a $20,000 grant to the business owner who could provide the best answers to two questions: what do you enjoy most about your work and how would you spend the 20k to improve your business

Through programs such as “Love Your Work”, MYOB seeks to promote creativity, humor and teamwork in the workplace, contributing to efficient work environments just as their software does by promoting efficient business operations.

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