7 Tips For Organizing Your Mailroom

by Admin on April 12, 2013


The distribution and maintenance of mail is important for any business, big or small. Having a well-organized mailroom will allow all communications and necessary outgoing messages sent within and from the company. There are several tips your business can follow to make your mailroom efficient.

  • Establish a time of day where mail organizing occurs. Mailroom clerks should establish a time of day where they exclusively work on organizing all mail. This fact may seem apparent, but explicitly stating that all mail at 4:00 PM needs to be put away and trash mail needs to be disposed of will make each mailroom organized at the end of every work day.
  • Have bulk sort units. Depending on your business, you may have large, bulk mail coming in and outgoing from the business. To make the mailroom an efficient space, have an area exclusively for bulk mail. Bulk sort units can hold large mail that are incoming or outgoing. The shelves in a bulk sort unit can hold large mail buckets that can easily store bulky mail.
  • Integrate free standing sort modules. Mail traffic may increase over time at your company. Instead of having static sorting cabinets that are stuck on the wall, your company may benefit from free standing modules. These mail modules can move around a mailroom easily and contain adjustable and slide-out shelves. Doors can also be on the modules to secure sensitive mail.
  • Have the right disposal units available. Companies big or small can have immense amount of mail that is not needed or needs to be sensitively disposed of. Each mailroom should have in it shredders for sensitive mail and recycling units for all paper recycling ready so that clerks can easily dispose of such mail.
  • Set up action mail space. Action mail is mail that needs to be taken care immediately. For a business, this could be bills or responses. Mail clerks should have an established space and bin where action mail is placed and then distributed to the appropriate office.
  • Invest in mail equipment. Certain mailing equipment may increase the efficiency of your mailroom and cut overall costs with the post office or other package carriers. Purchasing or leasing mailing equipment like label makers, envelope sealers, mailing scales, electronic postage machines, and other equipment from your local post office or package carrier and setting the devices up in an assembly line fashion can help your mailroom clerks prepare all mailings quickly and efficiently.
  • Integrate mailing management systems. To properly monitor your mailroom, companies can create digital mailing systems that monitor the incoming and outgoing mail analytics. Instead of having a liaison or frequently observing the mailroom, management can observe analytic reports from these management systems.

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