5 Tips For Organising A Team-Building Retreat

by Admin on April 13, 2013

team retreatThe purpose of a team-building day is to allow your staff to build new, and strengthen existing, professional relationships. The activities that are usually chosen for team-building days encourage staff to work together towards a shared objective and to get to know one another. Upon completion of a well-organized, successful team-building event, you should see an improvement in morale and hear everyone talking about it in the office for a long time afterwards. Here are some tips for organizing an effective team-building excursion.

Make It A Reward

Many well-intended team-building days have been a complete disaster because they were perceived as being a chore rather than a reward. When you are circulating the notification about the day out, try to avoid the words ‘Team-Building’ and instead use the words ‘Reward Day’. Tell staff that in recognition of their hard work, you are organizing a retreat away from their usual daily routine.

Plan Ahead

Make a list of everything that needs to be organized including the following: the day’s agenda; materials or equipment that are needed; coach hire; the budget; insurance; meals and refreshments; objectives. Make sure to inform staff of any specific clothing or materials that they may need to bring with them on the day.

Make It Enjoyable

You can organize your own activity such as orienteering, hiking, sea fishing or a treasure hunt or you can hire a company who tailor-make team-building activities to suit the objectives of the team. Team-building activities should involve a combination of brainstorming, strategy, logic, activity and most importantly, team work, to complete. They can be delivered through a range of mediums including outdoor activity, crafts, music, drama, costumes and visual media. Whichever option you decide to go for, make sure that it is as engaging as possible; if your staff have to sit around waiting to get bored or cold, they will only share a negative experience.

Provide Food And Transport

If you are going to invest time and money into a team-building day, don’t cut corners and allow your staff to get hungry or lost. Staff should feel like they are being taken care off. Make sure to provide a meal and refreshments (i.e. coffee, soft drinks, snacks) throughout the day. You should also organize transport for your staff; a shared coach ride is an opportunity for people to bond.

Host It Away From The Office

You should organize your team-building day to take place at a location that is away from your office. This makes it easier for staff to be themselves and to get to know each other outside the context of work. The idea of being taken out somewhere for the day, makes people feel valued and gives them something to look forward to. Hire a coach to collect everyone at the office in the morning and take them back to the office at the end of the day.

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