25 Ways to do White Hat SEO

by Admin on May 2, 2013

White Hat SEOBelow are just a few ways to do White Hat SEO.  These are not in any special order.

1. Don’t use Flash:

Flash has been around for a while, but one thing that it does very poorly is provide SEO value.  In fact Google has no idea what to make of it so Google doesn’t.  It has zero SEO value and often detracts from your website. When designing your website, you should always have SEO in mind.  It makes it a whole lot easier than fixing your website once it’s been completed.


2. Yahoo Answers:

People are asking about the products & services you offer or they need some help within your field.  Give them some help while helping your website with a link back to your website (yes these are no follow, but it still has value), but more importantly you may just get a client out of it.  Helping others online is a good way to build trust and get the word out about you and your business.  If you don’t have the time, then pay someone to answer questions for you.


3. Press Release:

I have read the pros and the cons about the value here, but it’s really a quick and easy way to publicize a business offering or service.  Also, it builds a little more trust in the eyes of the Google Monster.

Checkout PRWeb.com

4. Yelp, Google +, Facebook Fans, Yahoo Reviews

It’s always good to get a few great reviews online.  Ask your clients to give you a review.  These are valuable for local SEO more than general SEO.


5. Yext.com Listings

Yext.com is a service that can instantly submit your business to 30+ directories.  These local citations have value in the eyes of Google.  The more placse your website is seen, the more Google trusts your website.

The only downside here is Yext.com isn’t cheap and you could spend the same amount of money on other things that can help SEO.


6. Video Blogs

Has anyone ever heard of Youtube?  Guess who owns Youtube…..  Guess who wants Youtube to do well?  If you are still scratching your head, then I’ll tell you: Google.  Adding video blogs to Youtube has a huge advantage over other websites.  Use it to your advantage.  Publish some content on youtube and add a link to your site in the description.  You’ll have the opportunity of getting traffic or business from the video and you’ll get a free link in the description.


 7. Coupon, Discounts, & Deals

Coupons, discounts and deals are an incredible way to get people to not only link to your site, but become an instant and direct customer as well.  There are more coupon related websites on the net than any other niche out there.  Many of these sites are continually looking to update their list of deals with a link to your website.


8. Link Bait

First of all, what is link bait?  Link bait is a phrase that describes any content that entices people to link to it.  The easiest example would be a funny picture that gets posted on multiple websites.  This is not the only way, but it’s fairly common online; especially on Facebook.  Simply providing a gadget or adding a reference page with useful content can do the trick.

Examples:  Mortgage website with a calculator that helps people calculate the monthly mortgage rate


9. Guest Posts

Posting a blog article on a reputable site that is specific to your business can have a tremendous amount of value.  By placing a contextual link (link within the body of the article), the link will have SEO value.  The more popular or the higher the authority of the website, the more value that link will have.

Most people believe Guest Posts are the most effective way to improve a website’s search engine rank position (or SERP)


10. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a reputable website used by many professionals.  Just having your LinkedIn profile with a link to your website can give you a little bit of SEO value (or link juice as some people call it).


11. Tweet

When I first heard about Twitter I didn’t get it.  Why are people having these short sentence conversations?  It’s basically like publicly texting.

Why does it have value?  Because it’s a real time update and is often a part of a current conversation.  Google thinks real time conversations have value.  If you tweet free pizza today at Vinnie’s pizza shop in Philadelphia, I am guessing that tweet might just get a few retweets.  All of these retweets will give a boost to your website.

Twitter is also a great way to quickly get the word out to customers and potential customers.  You can even pay services to tweet for you.  If you are promoting something, have a deal, or event , broadcasting it on Twitter can help.


12. Change your domain or URL

I was recently at an event where one of the vendor’s website was called http://whynotbobstore.net/.  Bob was a really nice guy and he sells a lot of great products, but do you have any idea what he sells?  Well, when Google sees this URL neither does Google.  Bob sells ecofriendly, biodegradable products.  A better URL would be bobsbiodegradableproducts.com or bobsecofriendlyproducts.com.

Here’s another page on his website:


Try and figure out what he sells on this page.  Isn’t it obvious…. And guess what, Google has no idea either.  He sells Earth Wise Recycled Napkins on this page.  If he changed the URL to http://whynotbobstore.net/paper-products/earth-wise-recycled-napkins he’d probably do a whole lot better.


13. Add more content to your web page

This should be a no brainer, but often gets overlooked.  To Google a scanty site is like a store selling one product.  Would you drive to a store that sells only hair brushes?  Of course you wouldn’t.  Well why should Google think you have anything of value if you only have 4 pages of content with a total of 800 words?


14. Reference other quality websites in your blog

I have heard this in several places (sorry, when I get a chance I promise to update with a few references).  Obviously no one knows the exact Google Algorithm secret sauce, however I also believe this to be true and it makes sense.  Quality begets quality.  The content of a site is sure to have more potential if it references other authoritative, popular websites.

For example: SEOMOZ.com is one of the more reputable SEO sites that not only provides great information, but has a great set of software tools to take your SEO to the next level.


15. Surveys

Surveys are a good way to engage with clients and to provide some free stats to post on your website, Facebook, Twitter, or other sites?  This is just another piece of content with the potential for more links.

Recommendation: Surveymonkey.com

16. Post something funny

Do you have a funny picture or video?  Well if you can post something to make people laugh then you can get a whole lot of free marketing  and social buzz.  I know, what does this have to do with selling widgets.  Nothing, but it helps get your biz get out there, increases the number of times people tweet or post on facebook and it makes the Google monster happy.  Google likes social media links and traffic.


17. Read and comment on popular blogs

These links (whether these are do follow or not doesn’t matter) will help.  DON’T be a SPAMMER!  ONLY Comment after reading the article.  Provide a comment or question that adds value.  If you don’t have the time, than don’t bother.  More then likely it won’t get posted anyway.  Bloggers aren’t going to approve a comment that doesn’t add to the conversation.


18. Contests

Contests are a great way to engage customers, bring on new customers, and get some free links posted on Facebook and tweeted on Twitter.

I just recently received an email about a really cool plugin for wordpress that makes building a contest easy.  I haven’t used it so I can’t attest to it’s quality, however I am close to subscribing.  Also, you can use the basic version for free.  Check it out: http://contestdomination.com/

19. Pinterest

With the way Pinterest has taken off, incorporating picture posts on Pinterest should be a staple whenever you post anything online.


20. Automate updates to your site

Google likes websites that are continually updated.  If you are using WordPress (and many people are these days), then I suggest you space out your posts over a period of time (set the post to publish at various times during the month).  Regular updates mean regular Google bot reviews and possibly some help with SEO.  I have seen anecdotally that fresh content can get a short lived boost and land on page one for some less competitive keywords and phrases.


21. Forums

Find some forums that fit with your business.  Take part in some of the discussions.  Become an active participant.


22. Combine Facebook Ads or postings with a Youtube video post

I recently received an email that went into great detail about the connection between Youtube and the traffic that comes from Facebook and other social media sites (sorry I’d give credit here, but I don’t recall the person; I’ll update the post once I find it).

Basically you just create a video and then run an ad on Facebook (or post it on your Facebook page if you have a lot of fans).  Driving traffic from Facebook to Youtube tells Google there is something important about the video because it’s gaining some social media traction (Google thinks that Facebook traffic along with other social media traffic is an indicator that there is something worthwhile on a particular website or page).

As always, you should have information about your website, products, services, etc. on your Youtube post description.

In this scenario you can get some quality traffic, direct business, and improve your SEO.  Can you say WIN, WIN, WIN!


23. Add some tags & categories to your posts

These help organize your site so that Google can find relevant content.


24. Add a sitemap to your website

Sitemaps are essential to helping Google find all of your website pages.  Anything you can do to make it easier for the Google bots can help your site


25. Quality Content:

Write some good articles or pay someone to write it for you.  Publish it, post it to Facebook, and tweet about it.  There are other ways to promote your article, but we will just make it simple for now.


These are by far not the only ways to do White Hat SEO.  Also, I didn’t go into any great details as well.  For the novice, some of these may be a little confusing and require a more thorough explanation.  If that’s the case feel free to goto http://www.zapwebs.com/contact-us/ and give us a shout.  We will be happy to explain or point you to some other great references online.



26 Title Tag

Ever wonder what the most effective title is for garnering the highest search engine traffic.  Me too.  Now Google has made it a little easier.  Simply type in a short description of one of your blog articles or pages and see what Google is suggesting in the autocomplete section.

Google AutoComplete Example

As soon as I started to type google auto, autocomplete comes up first on the list.  This indicates that more people type in autocomplete than autofill.  So in this case if I have an article about Google’s autocomplete or autofill function, then I am better off choosing autocomplete in the title instead of autofill.


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