10 Great Iphone Productivity Apps

by Admin on November 1, 2013

10 Great Iphone Productivity AppsTime is money, and while many of us could stand to put down our electronic devices in the name of productivity, our iPhones can also be a useful tool for keeping track of our hours and staying on task. There are lots of apps out there to choose from, but here are some of the best available on the web.

1. Clear

For some people, checking off a to-do list is one of the best feelings, but with Clear it literally becomes a beautiful experience. Clear provides a colorful and functional to-do list that you can segment based on areas of your life such as work and grocery shopping. Check something off by giving it an easy swipe, and send the list to your email by giving your phone a shake. We didn’t think it was possible, but Clear makes the to-do list even simpler and more useful than it already was.

2. Pocket

We’re busy people, and sometimes we don’t have time to read that cool article or watch that funny video, but we’d like to keep it to watch it later. Emailing links or building a list of bookmarks quickly gets out of hand, so instead you can use a free app called Pocket. Pocket will save anything you find on the Internet that you want to look at later and it automatically syncs across platforms, so you can check it out on your smartphone on the subway home or on your tablet at home.


3.  Evernote

Leave the notebooks, scraps of paper, and Post-it notes behind with this all-inclusive file system. Evernote will store lists, notes, reminders, photos, and even tweets in a highly organized and visually appealing layout. This app also syncs with all of your devices, and allows you to email lists to yourself and to even search within the app.


4. MindNode

Mind mapping can be a useful brainstorming tool when you are writing a paper, coming up with ideas for a client or looking for solutions to a problem. MindNode brings this mapping tool to your iPhone, so you can keep your brainstorming sessions organized and be inspired by the colorful layout.


5. Mailbox

Keeping up with email is one of the banes of modern living. To avoid needing blood pressure medication, try Mailboxto keep your inbox under control. Relegate when you would like to deal with an email: this evening, this weekend, someday. You can also quickly archive or delete emails by swiping over them


6. CloudOn

Accessing work documents on the go is a pain, but with this app, it’s not only easy to access documents but to edit or create them as well. The app will sync with common cloud services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, and allows you to email them directly from the app,


7. Checkmark

Let’s say your issue isn’t keeping track of your checklist but remembering to perform a task when the moment arrives. Checkmark will give you a reminder based on your time and location, so you will actually stop at the store for milk at 6 on your way home.


8. Skitch

Group collaboration is difficult when you aren’t in the same room and are trying to give feedback on the same paper or presentation. Skitch simplifies this process by allowing you to make comments on a PDF that you can transfer from your computer after using doc to PDF software, making your life easier and avoiding misunderstandings about what a comment is referring to.


9. Yast

How many hours a day do you spend checking Facebook? You probably don’t know, and it could be that cutting down on time wasters will solve your lack of productivity in another area. Yast is an easy-to-use time-tracking tool that will boost your awareness of how your time is spent and how it could be better allocated.


10. Lastpass

Unless you use the same password for everything (very dangerous in this day and age), you have a lot of passwords to remember and may spend a large amount of time trying to remember them or resetting them. Lastpass eliminates the hassle by storing and remembering your passwords for you. The app will also help you come up with a strong password if you are ever short on ideas.


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